Significance of Var Mala in Hindu Wedding

here are various rituals are performed in Hindu Wedding, and main wedding day involves collection of rituals. These holy rituals are performed by groom, bride, their parents and relatives. The Var Mala ritual is main ritual that is performed on main wedding day. Hindus give the most importancome Hindus are familiar with Var Mala as Jai Mala. In this ritual firstly bride welcomes to her groom and puts sacred garland around groom’s neck. Same activity is performed by groom during vedic chant. The Var Mala or Jai Mala ritual signifies that both bride and groom accept each other as husband and wife. It is also one of the funniest rituals. If groom is taller than bride then bride has to do extra effort to putting garland around his neck. The bride’s mother does a special welcome puja and then pinch the groom’s nose ritual is performed by her. It symbolizes that groom ask for her daughter’s hand. Thus Hindu wedding allows different rituals.e to this ritual among all wedding rituals

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