Rainbow Glitter Poof Bottle Set

Wow your clients with sparkling glitter! This 1oz poof bottle of red glitter is easy to use and adds just the right amount of sparkle to your mehndi designsHere you'll find glitter for either poofing over the top of your henna paste or making glitter tattoos. All of o
se these fabulous glitter gel cones to adorn your henna designs with sparkling color! This set includes one cone of each of these brilliant colors: red, magenta, gold, limAmaze your clients with a rainbow of sparkling glitter! This set includes a .5 ounce poof bottle of 11 different colors of glitter! Go glitter crazy!!! note: holographic white, pictured to the far right, is temporarily out of stock, and we will i,nclude of 2 of an,,other color ,at random. 6.21.e green, emerald green, turquoise blue, royal blue, pur

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