Charming and Beautiful Butterflies Tattoos

If you are looking for tattoo designs that represent feminine beauty and positive change, then butterflies tattoos are the best choice for you. Know more about these tattoo designs from this article.

Butterflies tattoos are popular tattoo patterns that are highly alluring and versatile. Highly popular as lower back tattoo amongst women, these tattoo designs can be presented in variety of interesting ways. Just as no two butterflies Butterflies Tattoos are the similar, no two butterfly tattoos are the same either. There are more than 300 species of butterflies and hence there are always wide options for creating unique butterflies’ tattoos. While some may prefer to go for a pattern inspired from a real butterfly, there are others who opt for imaginative and fancy butterfly designs.

There are many women who like to get butterfly tattoos inked in combination with other attractive patterns like flowers, fairies, leaves and several other abstract tribal tattoo patterns. There are always chances of experimenting with butterfly tattoo designs for creating unique patterns. Selecting a colored or black inked tattoo or even Butterflies Tattoos opting for smaller or very detailed tattoo makes lot of difference in the overall appeal of the butterflies tattoos.

Some of the commonly requested butterfly tattoo designs are

* Big bold butterfliesButterflies Tattoos
* Japanese butterfly tattoos
* Celtic butterfly tattoos
* Small delicate butterfly tattoos

These designs can either be real or amorphous as per the preference of the tattoo enthusiast.

Why popular Amongst Women?

Butterflies tattoos are the tattoo patterns that are specifically more feminine than Butterflies Tattoos masculine. Just like women, the butterflies too have curvy forms and delicate and soft texture that are very attractive and pleasing to the eye. Women prefer to go for these butterfly patterns because they add up to their feminine beauty and charm.
Butterflies signify metamorphosis, transformation, freedom, grace, serenity, and even good luck for some. These qualities when depicted through an art form make them admirable. Women from all walks of life irrespective of their beliefs, background and personalities love to have a body art that represents such wonderful qualities that they love to possess.Butterflies Tattoos

Popular Placement Options for Butterflies Tattoos

One can get butterfly tattoos inked on ant part of the body depending upon the size of the pattern. Following are some of the most apt placements for different sized butterflies tattoos:

* A small tattoo is apt for the ankle or hip bone.
* A larger butterfly pattern is perfect for the shoulder or above the breast.
* A very large butterfly tattoo pattern is good for the back.

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