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ridal dress. It is of sharp pink and sea green color lehnga choli.
Base. Apply base matching to your skin tone. Apply FS 38 +FS 36 TV stick with dry sponge on whole face. When it gives equal tone then tap ivory stick with dry sponge. Now apply TL9+TL11 fixer powder on face. Give last coat with anti shine powder so that extra oil in skin can be absorbed and base can stay longer.
Eye make up. Apply pink color on eye bowl and Dk brown on eye bone to make socket line. Blend it with link. Make high light with satin silver. Also apply glamour spark of silver color. Make thick line of eye liner and turn it little towards eye brow. Blend liner wiyes and on nose tip. Apply below line. Give a coat of mascara on lashes. Fill up brows with brown pencil.
Contouring and blushing. Contour nose jaw line and chin with DK brown. Apply blush on of pink color in apple form.
Lip stick. Make an out line of lips with dark pink lip pencil and fill it with peach pink color. Apply sweet touch face powder in ivory color. The make up is black dry color. Make highlight with silver satin belo

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