Photos and ideas for feminine tattoos

Normally a female tattoo gallery would have many photos of female or feminine tattoos in it but this one is different. This tattoo gallery was created to help ladies make good choices about getting a tattoo and choosing the perfect design.

Female tattoos and feminine tattoos are becoming increasing popular and socially acceptable mainly because many female movie stars and entertainers have tattoos. Feminine tattoos are usually small and artistic and worn on the ankle, the lower back, or on the upper potion of the breasts.

The designs generally portray romantic scenes such as love tattoos, butterfly tattoos, fairy tattoos, or words that have personal meaning to the lady wearing the tat. Men like large bold tattoos that are displayed on their arms, chest, back and neck areas but women wear their tattoos discretely on the lower back, stomach, buttocks, upper thigh, so they are sexually attractive and only displayed to their lovers. Most women do not want their tattoos to be too obvious.

Generally feminine tattoos are very sexy and seductive and are rarely offensive. For example a lower back tattoo is only seen when the lady bends over or is sitting and leaning forward. Men who catch a glimpse of the sexy tattoo feel like they have witnessed something naughty and enjoy the experience.

There are many tattoo ideas for women and many tattoo designs to choose from but it is not something a lady should rush into. A tattoo is permanent and she should take her time in selecting a feminine tattoo and a tattoo artist who specializes in female tattoos.

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