Angel Tattoo Designs Are Perfect Blend of Beauty And Significance

Angel tattoo designs are beautiful and meaningful body art designs that a tattoo enthusiast can opt for. Versatility and divine significance has made this design a preferred choice of many.

Angel tattoo designs are the most preferred designs for those who want to go for something beautiful, spiritual and pure. Though most popular among women, these angel tattoos are also flaunted by several male tattoo enthusiasts. Considered as a link between heaven and earth, angels find place in Judaist, Christian and Islamic traditions.

Tattoo artists have often depicted angels as beautiful figures suffused in light, wearing white robes and floating on cloud. These angle tattoos are also created as winged creatures sometimes in human form and sometimes as an angelic messenger from the heaven.

Meaning and significance of Angel Tattoo Designs

There are several meanings and significance associated with angel tattoos. While some associate angel tattoos with Catholic guardian angels that are believed to be spiritual creatures assigned to protect humans on earth, others believe it to be a source of positive energy.

Some of the most common meanings that are often identified with an angel tattoo design include peace, beauty, spirituality, innocence and purity. Still some associate this with symbol of love, devotion and faith.

An angel tattoo on women usually implies purity and divine nature. It reflects their confidence and adds guardian like qualities to their personality. While among men, these tattoo designs signify love, respect and care for women.

Popular Angel tattoosAngel Tattoo Designs
There are several types of angel tattoo designs that one can opt for as per their preference and choice. Moreover, a tattoo enthusiast can also go for a customized design to create a unique look. Following are some of the most common angel tattoo designs that are often sported by tattoo enthusiasts:
Cherub Angel Tattoo: It is the one of the most common and popular angel designs. The tattoo depicts a winged creature, usually seated on clouds with a trumpet or bow in hand. It is associated with cupid and is hence considered to be a messenger of love.
Guardian Angel tattoo: This tattoo is considered as a symbol of guardianship that ensures care and protection. People sporting a guardian angle tattoo often feel that they have a guardian angel with them all the time that will take care of them.

Apt Placement of Angel Tattoos

The placement for an angel tattoo varies from person to person. While in most cases men opt for upper arm, chest and shoulders, women go for abdomen. An extensive, full-sized angel tattoo is often done on the back that looks really attractive.

Though one can go for any part for the design, but there are some positions like wrists and foot that are usually not selected for an angel tattoo.

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