Hand Henna Designs

Decide where you want your henna tattoo. You can get it either on your palm or on the outside of your hand, depending on your personal preference. The henna will show up darker on the inside of the palm, but more people will see the outside of the hand. You could choose to get both done and look for a design that covers both areas.
Choose smaller elements to create a larger design. Typically, henna designs are made up of many small components put together in a pleasing manner. It may be a series of dots, flowers, vines and lines, but when it comes together it creates something really beautiful.

Seek inspiration in different places. Henna design books like Mehndi Designs and websites are great for picking hand designs, but you aren’t limited to just these places. Look at the patterns on pretty pieces of fabric, draw inspiration from cultural icons or weave your astrological sign into your design. Just make the tattoo uniquely yours.Pick something simple. The simpler the design, the quicker it will dry, so consider something bold with simple lines and curves. This creates a more dramatic look and lasts longer than more intricate designs.

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